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Analyze the Ways in Which Techonology, Government Policy,...

In the period 1865-1900, technology, government policy, and economic conditions all changed American agriculture a great deal. New farming machinery had a large role in the late 19th century, giving farmers the opportunity to produce many more crops than they had ever been able to previously. The railroads had an enormous influence on agriculture. They were able to charge the farmers large fees, expenses that farmers barely had enough to cover, in order to transport their goods throughout the expansive country. The booming industry also changed American agriculture, creating monopolies and gaining incredible wealth with which the farmers simply could not compete. Economically, the monetary policy along with the steadily dropping prices of†¦show more content†¦Document ‘C’ shows how the farmers eventually got prices to lower in Illinois, although not all states were as successful in putting restrictions or limits on the prices. The Supreme Court used the 14th ame ndment to favor the large industries and monopolies, like the railroad. In most cases it was ruled that profits (even excess ones) are a property right and states cannot regulate these profits because it goes against due process and equal protection under the law. These rulings made it very hard for individual states to interfere and put any limitations on these high prices. One of the most heated debates of the time period was over the gold standard monetary policy. In Document ‘E’ the crop-lien system or sharecropping is demonstrated. It shows how the farmers are profiting little or no money at all by the 1880’s, however the government, along with the wealthier citizens, were trying to implement a gold standard, eliminating silver currency altogether and creating some deflation. The farmers, most of whom were already in debt, advocated strongly against this monetary policy. They were in favor of a bimetallistic system. The Farmer’s were already indebted to the people they leased their land from, and if there was a monetary policy, the amount of money they owed would remain the same, however the value of that money would increase. Document ‘J’ is a clear opposition to the monetary policy by the farmers. Through the fight

Should College Be Free - 844 Words

Should college be free? Posted on May 8, 2011 by writefix Should college education be free, or should university students be required to pay tuition fees? Some countries have free education from kindergarten to university, while students in other countries have to pay at every step of the way. This essay will look at some of the reasons for this difference at university level. Free third level education has several advantages. First of all, everyone can attend, so the gap between rich and poor students decreases as poorer students have more opportunity. The economy also benefits from the increased pool of highly educated labor. An educated workforce attracts employers and foreign investment. Socially, a more educated population should†¦show more content†¦Bookmark the permalink. ↠ Are we becoming more independent? University: Theory or Practice? → 2 Responses to Should college be free? 1. ------------------------------------------------- Webmaster says: ------------------------------------------------- May 8, 2011 at 4:42 pm Here is a much longer version, with over 400 words! Education is widely regarded as a key factor in the economic and social development of a country, but there are different attitudes about whether students should pay or not. Some regard education as a basic right, which should therefore be provided free, while others think the individual student should have to shoulder some of the costs of his or her education. This essay will examine some of the arguments for and against free education at third level. There are several reasons why university education in particular should be paid for by the students who receive it. First of all, a university is a choice, not a requirement. Nobody is forced to attend third level, and those who do are hoping to enter very well paid jobs. Students entering professions such as engineering or medicine will be well able to repay loans or the cost of tuition.Show MoreRelatedShould College Be Free College?848 Words   |  4 Pages Free College Why are not more people going to college? One obvious answer would be cost, especially the cost of tuition. But the problem is not just that college is expensive. It is also that going to college is complicated. Free college is not just about cultural and social, neither economic. It means navigating advanced courses, standardized tests, and forms. It means figuring out implicit rules-rules that can change. College graduates have higher employment ratesRead MoreShould College Be Free? Essay1520 Words   |  7 PagesShould college be free? A current universal problem poses this question. In today’s world, full of public education standards that hold students maybe too high and in a generation bogged down by student debt, this issue qualifies as a problem more than many are maybe even willing to admit. While the prospect of free college proposes excellent ideals such as a stronger and smarter generation, no student loan problems, and a higher educated society, the truth may a ctually lie in the reality thatRead MoreShould College Be Free College?1614 Words   |  7 Pagescandidates because of his belief that tuition and cost of living at public colleges and universities should be free. Free college has become one of the most talked about policy proposals on the campaign trail, but questions surround the policy, such as how it would work, how much it would cost and how it would affect students (Rhatican). Most colleges bundle their prices in terms of tuition and fees. In 1995, tuition for private colleges was around 14k, for Public out of state it was around 7k and for publicRead MoreShould College Be Free College?1688 Words   |  7 Pagesto cover the costs? Free college is now brought up as a debate whether or not students should receive free college tuition while attending college. Some individuals would like this idea, but I am definite the taxpayers would not like it or support it. If the government cannot afford what they are in debt with now, I am quiet uncertain how adding free college would help the debt go down. I am sure that the government would find some way to get their money back from allowing free tuition, or twice theRead MoreCollege Should Not Be Free876 Words   |  4 Pagesmake public college tuition free. A recent movement to federally mandate college funding has struck the interest of the lower, impoverished members of society. However, if college tuition were free it would be unfair, unregulated, and cost-ineffective in the long run. What does free really mean? Does it include just tuition, or room, board and books? Also, would it be completely free? Someone has to pay something somewhere down the line. There is no way to make college completely free. It would beRead MoreShould Colleges Be Free? Essay1186 Words   |  5 PagesShould colleges be free in America? It is a question that is more relevant today than ever before. As education is one key factor that determines the nation’s fate going forward, this question is worth debating. Making free college education may sound good theoretically but requires herculean efforts to make it practically possible. The main question is whether such program be effective in the long run or not? If, yes how long will the government able to support these costs and from where? Are tuitionRead MoreShould College Be Free?893 Words   |  4 Pagesor not college should be free. Images of students rallying and protesting can be often seen in the news. They are in favor of making college free. I disagree and feel that college should not be free. People would be more likely to fail because there would be no financial consequence, the financial burden would be passed on to taxpayers who wouldn’t even benefit from it, and it would not be fair to those who work hard through earning scholarships and serving in the military. College should not beRead MoreCollege Should Be Free759 Words   |  3 Pages Should the cost of earning a college degree be free? Some students,parents, and educators say that it is morally wrong for a child to spend their entire life going to public school for free and having them to just turn around and pay for college. The students, parents, and educators all would agree that the cost of obtaining a college degree should indeed be free. Those who are against this issue believe that the students themselves or their parents who are financially able should pay for someRead MoreShould College Be Free?1907 Words   |  8 PagesShould College Be â€Å"Free† in America? As many young millennials rally behind Bernie Sanders and his outlandish claims of free public college for all, others sigh and shake their heads in disapproval. Are these college students really entitled to free higher education? Is it every American’s unalienable right to have a college education? Despite the recent push for free college in the United States, the economic burden and drop in personal responsibility it would create proves that colleges shouldRead MoreShould College Be Free?1916 Words   |  8 Pagesthroats since elementary, I am planning to attend college. My sisters and I being the first generation in our family to attend college, everything is a little scarier. Nothing scared me more than seeing the cost of the tuition. My parents dropped out of college after one year because they didn’t put the work in to get scholarships, and tuition was too much. My oldest sister is in her third year of college and is already planning to come out of college w ith $70,000 debt, because she is in a private school

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Beauty Is A Non Materialistic Thing - 1416 Words

Beauty is a non materialistic thing that an excessive amount of people try to achieve. It is advertised in places one would least expect to see it; while it grasps the attention of adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Many believe that they know it once they see it since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, once an individual tries to give an original description of his or her concept of beauty it becomes extremely difficult. Those that can share their interpretations of beauty usually say, a person has to possess a particular look. Although it may be difficult to comprehend, the media glorifies different ways of changing your body in order to be socially accepted. Advertisements play a huge role with how our society perceives beauty since they’re basically available to everyone in the world. Whether they are watching television or simply walking down the street, advertisements are ubiquitous. Most advertisements make attractive people the face of the company, as it brings the organization more of an appeal. However, â€Å"Researchers have done little to understand how ideals of beauty are culturally encoded, how these ideals are internalized by consumers, how these ideals are developmentally ingrained in children and adolescents by different mass media formats†(Englis). Society has deeply embedded positive associations with altering body images into the culture, and as such comprehensive effort to keep the natural beauty within our generation is necessary;Show MoreRelatedHappiness : What Is It? Essay1709 Words   |  7 Pagestime with their family or taking the dog for a walk, it is specific to each person. Happiness is easier to find than it is made out to be. The key to being happy is simplicity; adding materialism and technology is the downfall to the delighted. Materialistic items like the newest Michael Kors watch or the latest fashion trend can be exciting to buy or look at. These items can temporarily fill the void that some people might have. It might be fleeting, but buying a brand new item changes someone’s dayRead MoreCritical Appreciation Of William Wordsworth941 Words   |  4 Pagesnature† and do not appreciate its wild and graceful beauty. In addition, the narrator provides imagery of Greek mythology towards the end of the poem, portraying Proteus and Triton as magnificent figures, awe-inspiring figures; he uses these descriptions to communicate that it would be better to believe in paganism or old religions that were rooted in the natural world. Imagery in this poem is utilized to emphasize the unappreciated grandeur and beauty of nature, and to lament on an increasing senseRead MoreTelevision And Its Influence On Our Culture985 Words   |  4 Pagestrends in fashion, behavior, and emotions. One reflection of culture that TV depicts is, Physical beauty and sex appeal. These are often shown in popular television shows, geared mostly towards a target audience of teenagers. â€Å"Many reality shows depict women idealizing beauty and thinness, giving the impression that a woman’s value is based on her appearance, and that popularity is derived from beauty.† Peek, H. (2014) Keeping Up with the Kardashians depicts large amounts of time and money being spentRead MoreJapanese Literature Throughout History And History1382 Words   |  6 Pagesteachings remained, the practices were no longer pursued, and enlightenment was a mere word. This is a concept that has substance, especially when combined with mujÃ… , the idea of impermanence. MujÃ…  became an idea because Buddha taught that because all things within our lives and our world are constantly changing, it’s important to remember that nothing is permanent. Kamo no ChÃ… mei’s writing presents a v ariety of elements related to MappÃ… , which, through the concept of mujÃ… , shows the impermanence of natureRead MoreAmerican Beauty Character Analysis Essay653 Words   |  3 PagesAmerican Beauty Character Analysis Everyone knows the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But is this necessarily always true? Apparently not to Kevin Spacey as he played the role of Lester Burnham in the 1999 film American Beauty. His rule was When youve got nothing to lose, you might as well risk everything. Lester Burnham and his wife, Carolyn, portray a perfect lifestyle to the naked eye. Everyone sees Lester as a man with a perfect high-paying job and a perfectRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Sonnet 130851 Words   |  4 Pagesmaking his poem a parody of the conventional love poems that were written by poets in the sixteenth to seventeenth century. Prior to this poem, love poems were praised for their romantic appeals where more often than not they praised women for their beauty and god like appearance. This poem was known to be one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets because of its central idea that love is not only physical attraction. In the typical love poems women were described to have flawless skin, rosy cheeks andRead MoreEssay on Happiness Through Sharing1219 Words   |  5 Pageswhite-collared job as a bank teller instead of letting him do what he thinks is right for himself. The main character, Chris McCandless from Into the Wild has a strong dislike for his parent s materialistic principles and ethics and believes that human relationships do not give happiness, but natural beauty and experience do, so he leaves his life of upper-middle class in Virginia behind to live on his own in the wilds of Alaska, where he comes to the conclusion that he did not find true joy thereRead MoreAristotle And Socrates And Aristotles Definition Of Happiness1157 Words   |  5 Pagesrealize the ultimate contentment in their life regardless of circumstances. Happiness is the end of every desire, after which nothing is desirable. Socrates believes that happiness is a concept of morality and the stable state of ones’ mind, which is non-dependable on the material goods, resources and circumstances. Whereas Aristotle in the Nicomachean Ethics, states that â€Å"happiness depends on our self†, where both the material satisfaction and internal satisfaction is required to relish the human lifeRead MoreTranscendentalism And The American Renaissance1693 Wor ds   |  7 Pagescreative powers of the individual mind, and the regenerative value of nature†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (13). Emerson published the book â€Å"Nature†, which ultimately defines true solitude of oneself; compelling one to become conscious of himself, instead of the surrounding materialistic world. He writes, â€Å"Nature in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the air, the river, and the leaf† (215). Emerson refers to his essay â€Å"Nature†, and what he believes nature is; furthermore, developing his definition intoRead MoreEveryday Use By Alice Walker1721 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Everyday Use,† Alice Walker summarizes the representation of the beauty, the conflicts and struggles within African-American culture. â€Å"Everyday Use† focuses mainly between members of the Johnson family, consisting of a mother and her two daughters. One of the daughters Maggie, who was injured in a house fire and has living a shy lif e clinging to her mother for security. Her older sister is Dee, who grew up with a grace and natural beauty. â€Å"Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure†¦

Biography of Bill Clinton, the 42nd U.S. President

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas, as William Jefferson Blythe III. His father was a traveling salesman who died in a car accident three months before he was born. His mother remarried when he was four to Roger Clinton. He took the Clinton name in high school. At the time, he was also an excellent student and an accomplished saxophonist. Clinton became ignited to a political career after visiting the Kennedy White House as a Boys Nation delegate. He went on to be a Rhodes Scholar to Oxford University. Family and Early Life Clinton was the son of William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., a traveling Salesman and  Virginia Dell Cassidy, a nurse. His father was killed in an automobile accident just three months before Clinton was born. His mother married  Roger Clinton in 1950. He owned an automobile dealership. Bill would legally change his last name to Clinton in 1962. He had one half-brother, Roger Jr., who Clinton pardoned for earlier crimes during his last days in office. In 1974, Clinton was a first year law professor and ran for the House of Representatives. He was  defeated but remained undaunted and ran for Attorney General of Arkansas unopposed in 1976. He went on to run for Governor of Arkansas in 1978 and won becoming the youngest governor of the state. He was defeated in the 1980 election but returned to office in 1982. Over the next decade in office he established himself as a New Democrat that could appeal to both Republicans and Democrats. Becoming the President In 1992, William Jefferson Clinton was nominated as the Democratic nominee for president. He ran on a campaign that emphasized job creation and played to the idea that he was more in touch with the common people than his opponent, the incumbent George H. W. Bush. Actually, his bid for the presidency was helped by a three party race in which Ross Perot garnered 18.9% of the vote. Bill Clinton won 43% of the vote, and President Bush won 37% of the vote. Events and Accomplishments of Bill Clinton’s Presidency An important protective bill that passed in 1993 soon after taking office was the Family and Medical Leave Act. This act required large employers to give employees time off for illnesses or pregnancy. Another event that occurred in 1993 was the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement that allowed for non-restricted trade between Canada, the U.S., Chile, and Mexico. A huge defeat for Clinton was when his and  Hillary Clintons plan for a national health care system  failed. Clintons second term in office was marked by controversy surrounding relationships he had with White House staffer,  Monica Lewinsky. Clinton denied having a relationship with her under oath in a deposition. However, he later recanted when it was revealed that she had evidence of their relationship. He had to pay a fine and was disbarred temporarily. In 1998, the  House of Representatives  voted to impeach Clinton. The Senate, however, did not vote to remove him from office. Economically, the U.S. experienced a period of prosperity during Clintons time in office. The  stock market  rose dramatically. This helped add to his popularity. Post-Presidential Period Upon leaving office President Clinton entered the public speaking circuit. He also remains active in contemporary politics by calling for multilateral solutions to issues facing the world. Clinton has also started working with former rival President George H.W. Bush on several humanitarian endeavors. He also assists his wife in her political aspirations as a Senator from New York. Historical Significance Clinton was the first two term Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt. In a period of increasingly divided politics, Clinton moved his policies more to the center to appeal to mainstream America. Despite being impeached, he remained a very popular President.

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The Effects Of Long Distance Travel During The Era 1200

One of the most important effects of long-distance travel in the era 1200 to 1500 was the famine that started in 1315. The population lessened due to the lack of food and even when they did have food it wasn’t enough to stop their starvation. In the article Famine of 1315 it was stated: â€Å"Four pennies worth of coarse bread was not enough to feed a common man for one day. The usual kinds of meat, suitable for eating, were too scarce; horse meat was precious; plump dogs were stolen. And, according to many reports, men and women in many places secretly ate their own children....†( The famine of 1315) It showed how desperate people had become to stay alive. The food wasn’t enough for the people to survive due to the grains that weren’t nourished during the summer, so it caused the famine during the winter. People were stealing plump pets for meat so that they could have something that would actually help their survival. Some people have even ate their own children, instead of having another person to worry about feeding, they ate the children so they can survive. At the time it seemed to be survival of the fittest if you are on the vulnerable side most likely they wouldn’t stay alive, such as the poor. Some of the poor had been laying stiff in the streets because they weren’t able to feed themselves and no one bothered to help them because they had their own hunger to worry about. The poor was not even worst off, that would have been anyone that stayed in the cities. The richShow MoreRelatedAp World History Units 1-3 Study Guide Essay4374 Words   |  18 PagesUnit One 1. Consequences of the Neolithic Revolution didn’t include * End of hunting-gathering societies 2. Most scholars believe that, during the Paleolithic Age, social organization was characterized by * A rough social equality 3. The earliest metal worked systemically by humans are * Copper 4. The spread of the Bantu-speaking peoples over southern Africa can be best explained by their * Knowledge of agriculture 5. Characteristics of complex civilizations Read MoreHistory 9th Grade2275 Words   |  10 PagesConfucianism /Buddhism = do good things You have to walk the walk. There journey was difficult because they had to travel over both land and water plus there where no roads during that time. Anti-Semitic prejudice The Black Death - black bumps red ring around History There journey was difficult because they had to travel over both land and water plus there where no roads during that time. History 1.) a founder of Buddhism 2.)Chinese philosopher 3.)ruled by fear (emperor) 4.)theRead MoreLidl- Integrated Marketing Campaign4088 Words   |  17 Pagesopened in1994 and has grown to over 500 shops. This report outlines Lidl’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan to raise brand awareness, customer satisfaction and to increase the company’s market share. It is also the start for a new era by introducing an online shopping service which is absolutely crucial to stay competitive in the UK’s grocery industry. Furthermore, by extending Lidl’s Deluxe range the company is responding to the shift in buyer behaviour where more and more middleRead MoreEssay about The PATCO Strike and The Rise and Fall of Unions in America3413 Words   |  14 Pagesthe safety of airlines. nbsp;In order to understand the effects of the strike on the safety of airlines, an understanding of the PATCO movement is necessary.p The Rise and Fall of Unions in Americap The union labor movement blossomed early in the century, as membership grew from 2.0 million members in 1910 to 18.0 million members in 1953. nbsp;However, by 1980 membership was only slightly higher at 20.0 million members. nbsp;During that time, membership growth was relatively consistent inRead MoreHistory of Nursing Profession3842 Words   |  16 Pagesfree of disease or to recover from disease (Crispamp;Taylor,2009). The religious and military roots of modern nursing remain in evidence today in many countries, for example in the United Kingdom, senior female nurses are known as sisters. It was during time of war that a significant development in nursing history arose when English nurse Florence Nightingale, working to improve conditions of soldiers in the Crimean War, laid the foundation stone of professional nursing with the principles summarisedRead MoreConstellations5203 Words   |  21 Pagessky it is located. Contents   Ã‚  [hide]   * 1Terminology * 2History * 2.1Ancient near East * 2.2Chinese astronomy * 2.3Indian astronomy * 2.4Classical antiquity * 2.5Islamic astronomy * 2.6Early Modern era * 3IAU constellations * 4Asterisms * 5Ecliptic coordinate systems * 6Dark cloud constellations * 7References * 8Further reading * 8.1Mythology, lore, history, and archaeoastronomy * 8.2Atlases and celestial maps Read MoreBusiness Data Communication and Networks test bank Essays15140 Words   |  61 Pagesframe The protocol for obtaining the physical address of a node when the IP address is known is called _______. C) ARP A signal can lose energy due to the resistance of the medium. This is called _______. D) attenuation _______ can cause errors during data transmission. A) White noise B) Impulse noise C) Echo Which of the following best describes a single-bit error? B) A single bit is inverted per data unit. If the ASCII character G is sent and the character D is received, what typeRead MoreChristianity as a Unifying Influence in the History of Europe6059 Words   |  25 Pagescenturies this influence has declined significantly, but nevertheless one could argue that it still plays an important part in the lives of many people. Throughout history Christianity has been both a unifying force and also a force for disunity. During the Dark Ages it was the only unifying force. By the Middle Ages people defined themselves by their religion and in Europe this religion had become Christianity. Through its missionary work, its monasteries, its education, it pilgrimages, itsRead MoreEssay on Change Analysis Chart Postclassical (600-1450 C.E.)8730 Words   |  35 Pagesroutes became very widespread. * Traders were more likely to travel the entire length of the silk roads due to increased safety and technology. | * Increased agricultural production due to developing technologies led to econo mic development. Further econnimic developements and increased urbanization led to increased trade. The major east-west trade routes, like the silk roads or the Indian Ocean routes, also developed more during this time, which led to increased international contact and saferRead MoreIndia 2020 - a Swot Analysis5173 Words   |  21 PagesMan Mohan Singh in 1991, then Finance Minister in the government of P V Narsimha Rao, proved to be the stepping-stone for Indian economic reform movements. Indian economy has achieved what it has been hoping for quite some time. Perhaps at no time during the post-liberalization period, Indian economy has shown such kind of optimism. The growing service sector, technology orientation, growing literacy in the states, etc. has been the reasons for the same. Indian economy is going to touch new heights

Economic Growth During The Great Depression And The Recent...

The government has been implementing policies in the improvement of the growth in the UK. Such as improving economic growth during the Great Depression and the recent financial crisis. A brief history by (Pettinger, 2016) on the use of fiscal policy, Keynes promoted the use of fiscal policy as a way of boosting growth. Moreover, during 1970-1980s the government switched to using monetary policy in influencing the economy. However, the government later reverted to using the fiscal policy in the recession of 2008-2013. Whether or not fiscal policy is the key policy in the process of improving economic growth is the issue. According to (Parkin, Powell and Matthews, 2014) Economic Growth is defined as a sustained expansion of production possibilities measured as the increase in real GDP over a period of time. Achieving economic growth depends on the government fulling one of its macroeconomic objectives between them is stable economic growth, low level of inflation, low level unemployment, and adequate level of balance of payments. UK’s economic growth fluctuates significantly year to year as mentioned by (Fyfe and Threadgould, 2013, p.1) â€Å"The trend rate of economic growth of the UK economy has been assumed for several years to be between 2.5% and 2.75% per year†. The fluctuations can be seen in Figure 1 shows detail changes in economic growth. The â€Å"Credit Crunch†, from mid-2007 to 2009 UK’s growth fell from 2.7% to -2.3% resulting in a recession. However, UK has beenShow MoreRelatedThe World s Economy Was Devastated1732 Words   |  7 Pagesinto what is now known as the â€Å"Great Recession†. Its neighbour to the north, Canada also felt these affects as unemployment and poverty grew. After a decade of despair, the massive rise in government spending for the Second World War and the reductions in taxes, the economies returned to prosper. With decades of industrialization, population growth and surging economies, the Western World mainly the United States and Canada, became world leaders. With the growth and mass usage of technology andRead MoreInternational Economic Policy in Times of Crisis Essay1192 Words   |  5 Pagesthe population, infrastructure and terrain quite literally, financial crises can psychologically cripple a country. There’s something about a financial crisis that conjures a level of panic that could rival the outbreak of a deadly disease. Maybe this is caused by a lack of visible end, as it seems the light at the end of the tunnel is only made clear at the end of the crisis. Even with examples from hist ory to refer to, each financial crisis seems to take on a version all its own like a new strainRead MoreThe Great Depression and Unemployment: Discussion Questions1271 Words   |  5 Pages________________________________________________________________________ Q. 2: The Great Depression The Great Depression started in 1930 and lasted until 1939. It can be regarded as the worst depression the world has ever seen in the history. Spread across various nations, the Great Depression badly hampered each and every aspect of the economic, business, political, and social life. The most affected regions due to this economic slump were North America, Europe, and other industrialized Western countriesRead MoreThe Great Depression Of The 1930 S1476 Words   |  6 Pagesthe great depression of the 1930’s and the great recession in the United State of America. First, I’ll make a general overview of each of these two different periods and then focus on certain specific aspects during these different times. This will include the causes to the economic recessions witnessed, impacts of the economic recessions and the solutions that were introduced. When talking about any topic regarding American history, it would be hard not to mention the 1930’s great depression. AuthorsRead MoreThe Great Depression Of The 1930s Essay1689 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal Crisis of 2008 in Comparison to the Great Depression of the 1930s Introduction The economic crisis’ of the 1930s and 2000s greatly impacted the United Sates (U.S) and the world. The Great Depression and Global Crisis were both major economic crisis’s the originated in the United States and spread to foreign markets around the world. The Great Depression is regarded as the biggest economic downturn, due to many factors like the stock market crash. The Global Crisis on the other hand, was aRead MoreBusiness Cycle1566 Words   |  7 PagesAustralian and USA economy performance. WHAT IS THE BUSINESS CYCLE? According to Burns (1946, p.3): â€Å"business cycle is a kind of fluctuation happened in aggregate economic activity of nations that organize their work mainly in business enterprises: a cycle consists of expansions occurring about the same time in many economic activities, followed by similarly general recessions, contractions and revivals which merge into the expansion phase of the next cycle; this sequence of changes is recurrentRead MoreThe Impact Of Expansionary Monetary Policy During The Great Recession1720 Words   |  7 PagesThe 2008 Great Recession has been declared by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the worst global recession of the 20th century since the Great Depression [1]. After eight years, global economies today continue to struggle to find sustainable recovery and robust growth. The crisis was a massive institutional failure that involved the bursting of the asset bubble, the collapse of the stock market, and the moribund employment rate among others. Th e crisis has since triggered economists, governmentsRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis Of The Usa1383 Words   |  6 PagesThe recent global financial turmoil started on July 2007 ,mainly in the USA and spread among developed nations in the later part of 2008 and subsequently shifted to the developing nations .this crisis consisted of some prime drawbacks not only for the developed countries but also for developing countries .the most talked about issue in the recent financial arena in the global financial crisis ,which started to show its effect in the middle of the year 2007.the turmoil ,however ,was rooted in theRead MoreExplain the Different Stages of a Financial Crisis and Compare the Financial Crisis 2007-2010 with That of the Great Depression 1929.2142 Words   |  9 PagesExplain the different stages of a financial crisis and compare the financial crisis 2007-2010 with that of the Great Depression 1929. * What is a financial crisis? There is no precise definition of a financial crisis. It can be explained as a situation where disruption in financial markets leads to adverse selection and moral hazard problems to worsen, thus preventing financial markets to efficiently direct funds. A financial crisis thus results to a sharp contraction in the economy and may leadsRead MoreThe Extent Of The Government Role Of The American Economy1961 Words   |  8 Pageseconomy was one of the most pressing issues in the recent 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, which saw Republican businessman and celebrity Donald Trump closely elected over former Secretary of State and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton. In many ways, the election can be seen as a backlash and conservative effort against the economic philosophies and policies of the two candidates and their parties, and on which candidate could better spur economic growth. The economy greatly affects all American lives

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Australian Conceptual Framework in Accounting Standard

Question: Discuss acout the Australian Conceptual Framework in Accounting Standard. Answer: Introduction: This unit will provide an understanding of Australian Conceptual Framework in accounting standard setting and its practical applicability in a commercial environment. The major purpose of this units is to make learners well versed with accounting concepts and principals applicable in Australia and its compliance by business entities. By the topics covered under this unit, I will be able to learn and understand Australian Conceptual Framework inclusive of accounting policies and standards along with its objectives and use in businesses. This study will assist me in my future as I will be able to form better business policies for my business or for the company for whom I will prevent penalties that can be imposed due to non-compliance. Further, I will also be able to develop better internal control to ensure ethics and legal framework in the accounting of operational activities. Conceptual framework refers to analytical tool with several contexts and variations. In this unit, we get to know that International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has developed their own conceptual framework for the description of basic concepts. These standards are applicable to the preparation of financial statements in order to ensure uniformity and reliability in the information presented (Banerjee, Horridge and Vargas, 2016). In Australia, financial reporting standards are developed by Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB). This body had also contributed to the development of global financial reporting standards. I will be able to learn Australian Conceptual Framework by studying its core principles and policies. The initial focus in this unit is focused on basic concepts as for advanced learning it is important to have a firm academic base. Thus, initially, I had cleared my basic concepts like accounting equation, double entry accounting, accounting cycle and preparation of financial statements and accounting records. I had gained this knowledge from learning of previous units, and I had practised these concepts thoroughly for a better understanding of further concepts. Now by learning accounting policies and procedures, I am shaping my accounting knowledge properly. I am applying this learning by studying financial framework of well-known Australian companies. In addition to this, I am also considering online articles on the concerned subject matter. Australian Accounting Standards are inclusive of necessities that are definite to entities operating in Australia. In accordance with the Australian accounting standards, business entities are required to prepare financial statements as per norms of Corporations Act 2001. These standards are applicable under two tiers which are as follows: Table 1: Applicability of Australian accounting standards as per tiers Tier 1 Australian Accounting Standards Tier 2 Australian Accounting Standards Reduced Disclosure Requirements This tier concept is governed by provisions of AASB 1053 and interpretations of these standards is provided under AASB 1048. In this unit, my priority was to understand the applicability of Australian Conceptual Framework on corporate entities as my aim is to become reputed financial advisor is future. For this post, I must have in-depth knowledge of financial concepts and its applicability in business situations. By considering this fact, I had focused on practical aspects of applicability, company examples instead of subjective theory. However, later I realise theoretical knowledge is the base for practical applicability. The major challenge in this unit I faced is simultaneous applicability of accounting standards for preparation of financial statements in order to show financial facts accurately. In starting classes, I was not attentive due to which now I am not able to understand some concepts. In order to resolve this issue, I will re-read the notes and study material provided to us in the unit. With this approach, I will be able to strengthen my concepts and can understand the subject matter in an efficient manner. For this, I will take help from my class fellows and mentor to resolve my doubts and for better clarifications. In addition to this, I will use secondary research to understand the concept. This will work as my strength as I will be aware of topics to make the lecture more interesting to be attentive. Furthermore, I can participate activities in academic activities to apply learnings in a proper manner. By this approach, I will be able to get good grades as well as overcome my academic weaknesses. As per my experience, various skills are required for an individual for learning in accounting. Primarily, a person must be well versed with accounting entries and double entry accounting as it is the core of the subject. If one has issues or doubts with this concept, then they can never understand further accounting concepts correctly. It is because; entire concepts are based on double entry system. Further, individual must have sound knowledge of preparation of financial statements manually as well as on software. By this, they will be able to maintain accounting records in an appropriate manner. Apart from subject knowledge, an individual must have analytical skills, communication and presentation skills and management skills (Barth, 2015). It is because they have to deal with inventory valuation, managing receivables and doubtful debts, budgeting, using of proper costing methods and managing periodic and perpetual inventory system. Feedback from the assessment is the most crucial aspect of the unit as this will let me know my weaknesses through which I will be able to identify areas on which I have to work. With the feedback, our mentor will provide us guidance to improve performance in the near future. Further, by abiding with provided recommendations I can work on my weaknesses to improve my performance and skills. In accordance with the study of Macve (2015), accounting is not about individual learnings as in real world one have to apply various concepts simultaneously in order to get desired results. This fact shows that different parts of accounting learning are strongly connected. In order to run business smoothly, entrepreneur and management is required to develop an efficient internal control. For this aspect, they are required to be aware of business concepts, ethics in accounting and regulatory framework. It is because, they are required to apply this knowledge simultaneously to develop viable business policies to achieved desired objectives. Further, this fact I also had experienced in my previous units. Previously, I was not able to make accurate depreciation entries accurately, and I ignored this fact but later in difficult problems of depreciation I completely struck. Then, my class fellow makes me understand basic concepts then he clarified my doubts. By this incident I get to know all concepts in accounting are connected in direct or indirect manner, and one should be focused while learning for better knowledge. Topics covered under this unit are directly connected to previous topics as for applicability of accounting standards it is important to understand how to record business transactions. On the basis of this knowledge, financial statements can be prepared to summarise accounting information (Henderson, Herbohn and Howieson, 2015). Further, the applicability of accounting standards is next step of learning as it assists in the disclosure of information in a proper manner. My previous concepts are clear through which I am able to understand concepts covered under this unit. However, the disclosure of depreciation is still an issue, but I am working on this by learning relevant standards like AASB 116 AASB 138 (Loyeung, Weber and Wells, 2016). My aim is to becoming a financial advisor in a reputed company and for this post, I am required to be well versed with the accounting concepts. In order to achieve my aim by learning accounting conceptual framework properly. Further, I am learning accounting software like Saasu, ERP, etc. In order to make improvement in my learning process, I will do part time job for small companies to apply my theoretical knowledge and to enhance my practical exposure in the field of accounting. Further, I will attend a seminar to know the viewpoint of experts to enhance my knowledge and to get a better vision. In addition to this, I will read online articles to get updated regarding amendments in accounting standards and its applicability on business entities. By this learning, my attitude towards accounting and commerce has been changed drastically. Previously, I think that accounting is all about figures like mathematics, but I was completely wrong. By this accounting course, I was able to understand accounting is about several policies and procedures to assist businesses in recording transactions in an appropriate manner. Further, this information assists stakeholders in making rational decisions to enhance profits and to achieve their desired objectives (Henderson, Herbohn and Howieson, 2015). For future, I am planning to apply for masters in accounting in a renowned university for enhancement of my skills and knowledge. I will also do a part time job to gain practical experience in accounting field. By this, I will be able to get proper growth in my career to achieve my dream. In addition to this, I will also learn accounting software to enhance my efficiency in accounting work. I will participate in academic activities to develop my interpersonal skills in order to become a good manager as well as a leader. By this approach, I will be able to overcome my identified weaknesses and to get prosperous future. References Banerjee, O., Horridge, M. and Vargas, R., 2016. A Conceptual Framework for Integrated EconomicEnvironmental Modeling. Journal of Environment Development, 25(3). Pp.276-305. 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